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“Our business just about doubled within 2 months of working with Mike. And to make all of this extra money, we now only work a total of 4-6 hours a week.”

Before joining the Mastermind X our school was already rocking it. However, we had absolutely NO time to enjoy it. On top of that, we have two kids who we wanted to devote more time to (a 2 year old and a 4 year old).

In fact, before our kids were born, Cara worked in the school right up until the day before she gave birth. That’s how bad it was. We were working 6 days a week, and easily 60+ hours inside the school. And both of us absolutely had to be there. If one of us got sick… It wasn’t pretty.

Mike basically said to me, “Why are you making things so damn hard on yourself?” He was blunt, but I could tell he cared. He then told us, “I can show you how to do everything you’re doing now WAY easier, make more money, and have WAY more free time so you can actually enjoy your lives.”

Today, I work 4 hours a week inside the school. Cara works 6 hours. We have all the time in the world for our children, our school is helping more people than ever with our programs, and life just feels good.

We’re both extremely grateful for MasterMind X, Mike Parrella & Ryan Healy. They’ve changed our lives in the most incredible ways.

I don’t know any other way to say this than to just say it: Man up (or woman up), make the investment, and do it. Empty your “cup” and just follow what Mike and Ryan have to say. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Chuck & Cara Giangreco

“My website is enrolling 30-40 people each month. I can’t thank you enough.”

Wallace Cupp

“… my school has grown in greater numbers than I was able to accomplish in the years I’ve been open for business..”

Over the past few months my school has grown in greater numbers than I was able to accomplish in the years I’ve been open for business. My members are happier, healthier, and stay longer than ever before. Mastermind Lite has put me in the driver’s seat and held me accountable for some serious growth with my facility.

Bi-weekly support calls with Ryan Healy to support the monthly webinars from Michael have kept me in line and hyper focused on reaching my schools fullest potential. I cannot thank either Ryan or Michael enough for helping me tremendously.

The biggest benefit for me was the customization that was put into the program. I, as an owner, have been trying to learn how to become an actual employee of my facility and be able to quit my day job. Many other owners have been trying to reach their own specific goals as well I am sure.

I have not totally reached the point I have set out. However, I do know I can rest assured that with the continued guidance coming from Michael and the whole Mastermind team, I’ll be there in no time.

Alex Saia

david ross“Thanks to my new website & Mike Parrella’s coaching, my billing check is now over $30,000 each month.”

David Ross

“I got an email from my billing company recently congratulating me on my 40% increase. They also wanted to know what I was doing differently.”

I got involved with the mastermind lite group as soon as it was offered.

The outstanding attention I have gotten from the team is world class. It has to be the best customer service I have ever experienced. Whenever I needed follow up on a concept or idea I was working on, I would shoot an email and Ryan or Mike would call me within seconds of hitting send! Once when I made a post on Facebook in regards to an event Ryan called me seconds after I posted to give me tips to make it more attractive.

I love that Michael is so easy to access. After having a chat with him last December it became apparent that it was time for us to start our next goal of opening another school. I loved that he challenged us and showed us how we were ready. He also gave us the tools we needed to overcome the obstacles we thought we had.

The Facebook groups they have set up are an outstanding tool. Being able to network with other like minded school owners in such a forum is great – from celebrating their victories to being reminded of an idea I haven’t taken action on the group is amazing.

I got an email from my billing company recently congratulating me on my 40% increase. They also wanted to know what I was doing differently. I had been with them 4 years and although I had consistently grown, never so dramatically. I proudly let them know the coaching I had received from Micheal Parella and his team changed our perspective on how we run our school.

Alexandria Dimond Buzzell

martial arts school owner“I got 81 paid kids online enrollments in just 2 months, and converted 75% of them.”

Gus Larrea

“…this month we have had the best month closing contracts since we first started 1 year ago.”

Since joining MasterMind Lite this past September, we have seen a steady increase in our ability to serve our clients better. The webinars are extremely informative and well put together with awesome content. We also get a coaching call with Ryan every month and he always finds a way to help us implement his ideas. He points us in the right direction and then gently “pushes” us to get started.

So far this month we have had the best month closing contracts since we first started 1 year ago.

We really enjoy the extra training and it is helping propel us to our best year ever (2013).

Pete Peck

“In two months we are already closing in on about 50 new trial memberships.”

martial arts school business ownerFCOM’s CEO Michael Parrella is a real hands-on school owner, and that’s one of the many reasons Full Contact Online Marketing is simply amazing.

My sales website has been up for about two months now and we are closing in on about 50 new trial memberships. I never got those kinds of results from my old website.

Brannon Beliso

“I’m expanding my location just to keep up with demand!”

martial arts school business owner blew away all of my expectations. I’ve been in the martial arts / fitness business for over 15 years and honestly nothing compares to this. They promptly return all phone calls, help me with anything I need, and the business works so well that I’m expanding my location just to keep up with demand!

Thank you for everything.

David Inman

“I feel truly grateful to be part of the family.”

martial arts school business has helped me to earn a terrific living for both myself and my staff and boy does it feel good! I feel truly grateful to be a part of the ILKB family. From very personal support that I’ve never seen in any other fitness business to an exciting, community atmosphere, everything is simply great.

Thank you guys for all of your hard work and for creating such an awesome business!

Larry Batista


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