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The products & programs below will help your school grow. Read on to see which ones are right for you.

6-Figure MasterMind X

My locations get 100+ contracts a month. That’s long-term contracts. Not intros, not free sessions, not tire kickers. My retention rates are incredible. My referral rates make most school owners’ jaws hit the floor.

In MasterMind X, you get unlimited access to me, and I reveal to you exactly how I accomplish these feats… while spending only 2 hours a week working on my schools. It ain’t cheap. But everyone in MMX has not only made back their investment… they’ve massively profited.

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6-Figure MasterMind Lite

I like to call this group “MasterMind X in Training”. This is significantly less expensive than MasterMind X, but you still get my tactics for complete and utter domination. Learn how to out-market, out-sell and out-perform your competition. Discover my secrets for retention… for growing more while working less… for skyrocketing your enrollments… and how to get out of “survival mode” and into “awesome mode”, now.

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Martial Arts Websites That Sell. A Lot.

Our martial arts websites do one thing: bring you more students, each and every month. Revolutionary design, writing and lead generation strategies set these apart from every other website out there. We’ve seen results as extreme as 80+ paid enrollments in a single month. At the very least, our clients make a nice profit. Click below to see how it all works…

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Discover the martial arts fitness program that delivered 100,000 PAID enrollments to locations in the first 2 years it went live. Gain access to our unstoppable marketing campaigns… our systems for amazing retention & referral rates… our closely-guarded secrets on decor, customer service and hiring staff… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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High-Powered Martial Arts Print Marketing

Hands down, we have the best print marketing out there… and the most affordable. Awesome graphics. Powerful writing. Tested & proven layouts. Our pieces sell martial arts like crazy. We’ve got take ones… ad cards… direct mail… window clings… and more. Pieces available for just about every martial arts program under the sun.

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MA Pro Newsletter

Our “done-for-you” newsletter system does two things: 1) Delivers powerful content to your email list that generates retention, referrals and expert status. 2) Gives you unique content for every program you have: kids, adult & hardcore martial arts (BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai). Beautiful design. Incredible writing. Click now to try it out for $1 for 30 days…

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The Martial Arts Email Machine

This monthly “done-for-you” email marketing program delivers powerful sales messages and content to your list – every week of every month. Amazing stories, tips and advice build rapport and credibility. Powerful, “low-pressure” sales messages turn prospects into students. Click now to learn more…


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