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“Here’s the tale of how I went from eating expired microwave dinners… to living a life that’s better than my dreams.”

I opened my first martial arts school in 1991. I feel pretty safe saying that since then, I’ve seen and been through it all. Yes, I mean it all. I went through phases where I was making more money than I knew existed… only to crash so hard that I was living off of expired frozen microwave food dishes.

Yep, you read that right. At one point, my only staff member’s mom was a hoarder. Her freezer was packed with expired dinners.

If it wasn’t for her, I might’ve starved.

My golden rule with those dishes was:
“If it’s less than 2 years old, it’s good to go.”

Sick stuff, right? 😉

“That was me back in the day.”

In fact at one point I was syphoning electricity from the business next door just to keep the lights on. When you’re in survival mode, and you’ve got rent, employees and bills to pay… morals go out the window sometimes.

More than anything, I just felt terrible about myself. I felt like a total failure. “What kind of guy lives off of other people’s expired microwave dinners? What kind of guy steals electricity from his neighbors?”

These thoughts plagued me day and night. I just felt worthless.

But in time, I turned all of that around. And now? My life is very different…

“Have you ever reached your breaking point?”

It all started when I reached my breaking point – when I was stealing electricity just to get by. I remember being pissed off about my website. I was working with a company way up north. Honestly, the site and the company were total crap.

The website produced almost NO leads. It took WEEKS to make simple changes (I mean like changing one word). And I was paying way more than I could afford.

I cancelled those bastards, and decided I was going to master this “internet marketing” thing for myself. So I did. I hardly slept for months. I just studied and studied and tested and tweaked everything I could.

I learned online & offline marketing inside and out. The kind that actually gets students in the door.

My biggest realization: Just about EVERYTHING I’d learned from the “gurus” in our industry was total crap. I’d paid good money for products, top consultants and more… and I realized that it was ALL garbage.

It wasn’t until I “un-learned” all of it that I started making any real money, and enjoying my life.

Students started trickling in… then they started coming in droves. Before I knew it, I had a handful of online sales funnels that were making me more money in a single month than I’d made in previous YEARS.

But I learned other things… and un-learned even more. For starters, I un-learned everything I’d picked up about customer service from the martial arts industry.

I threw all of that garbage out. Our industry has the worst customer service experience ever. So I took that broken system, and developed my own.

The result: Referrals and Retention SKYROCKETED.

“Tomahawk missile style. Note: I don’t actually know if that’s a Tomahawk missile or not ;-)”

I also went outside of our industry.

For example, I looked at the fitness industry. I saw the energy and charisma that top personal trainers had with their clients.

Then I looked at our industry, and saw the dull… boring… lifeless way we treat students. In fact, a lot of people in our industry HATE customers.

When someone walks in the door, their first thought is, “Shit, not another one…”

I also looked at my programs… schedules… even the interior design of my school… I threw out the old, broken, crusty systems that are taught by our industry – and I innovated my own by merging together the new-found tactics I picked up from other industries.

Things have gotten better and better ever since.

The best part? I’ve taught other school owners the same concepts I developed… And THEY are finally out of survival mode too.

These guys and gals are making more money, enjoying more free time, and helping more students than ever before. So what I developed isn’t a “one time thing” that just works for me.

It’s worked for literally hundreds of school owners, too.

Anyway, back to my story… So remember how my life was back in the day?

Well here’s a look at my life now:

I run the iLoveKickboxing.com fitness kickboxing franchise that generated over 100,000 enrollments for schools around the world in the first 2 years that we launched it.

I have 5 locations of my own schools. Each consistently generates 90-100 new members per month.

I spend 2 hours a WEEK managing all 5 locations. My rockstar staff takes care of the rest.

I run a martial arts website company, FC Online Marketing, that’s giving school owners the same amazing results I see. This company goes against what we’ve all been taught for years about websites and marketing… and produces incredible results for our clients.

My mastermind & coaching programs are helping dozens of school owners break away from the same out-dated systems that I did. These guys and gals are experiencing more free time, money, and joy from life than ever before.

✓ I’m a monthly columnist for MA Success.

“iLoveKickboxing.com, baby.”

The way I see it, my blog is about one main thing:

Helping you break free from the old, broken systems that everyone in our industry has been taught for years.

You’re going to pick up what I’ve TESTED AND PROVEN to work. I don’t give “philosophy” on what works. I don’t tell you what I “think” works. I only give advice that I’ve tested and proven myself.

I’m going to teach you internet marketing, offline marketing, customer service experience, mindset and more to help you grow and be prosperous.

I’m not holding back, either. I’m blunt. And I’m honest.

At times you might get a good laugh from what’s written here. At other times, you might be a little offended. Just know this:

Everything I write, I write because I honestly believe it’s going to help you.

Mike Parrella


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